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Optoelectronic components in plastic package

LED Plastic Mold

Ultra Violet LED

375nmL375R-01 L375R-02 L375R-03 L375R-04 L375R-05 L375R-06 L375R-09 L375R-36 L375R-41 L375R-42
385nm L385R-01 L385R-04 L385R-06 L385R-09 L385R-36 L385R-41 L385R-42
395nm L395R-01 L395R-04 L395R-05 L395R-06 L395R-09 L395R-33 L395R-36 L395R-41 L395R-42
405nm L405R-01 L405R-02 L405R-04 L405R-06 L405R-09 L405R-33 L405R-36 L405R-41 L405R-42
415nm L415R-03 L415R-04 L415R-09 L415R-33 L415R-36 L415R-41 L415R-42
420nm L420R-01L420R-03 L420R-04 L420R-05 L420R-06 L420R-09L420R-33 L420R-36 L420R-41 L420R-42

Visible Light LED - Blue LED

430nmL430R-01L430R-04 L430R-06 L430R-33
450nm L450R-01 L450-01 L450R-03L450-04 L450-06 L450R-06 L450-09 L450-41
L450-42 L450R-33 L450R-36
470nmL470-01L470-02 L470-04 L470-05 L470-09 L470-36 L470-41 L470-42 L470-82

Visible Light LED - Bluish Green LED

490nm L490-03 L490-06
505nm L505-01 L505-03 L505-05 L505-06 L505-09 L505-33 L505-36 L505-41 L505-42

Visible Light LED - Green LED

525nm L525-01 L525-02 L525-04 L525-05 L525-09 L525-33 L525-36 L525-41 L525-42
535nm L535-01 L535-02 L535-03 L535-04 L535-05 L535-06 L535-09 L535-33 L535-36 L535-41 L535-42
545nmL545-01 L545-04 L545-05 L545-06
555nmL555-01 L555-02 L555-03 L555-04 L555-05 L555-09 L555-33 L555-36
560nmL560-06 L560-06-S
565nmL565-01U L565-02U L565-03U L565-04U L565-05U L565-06U L565-09U L565-33U L565-36U
L565-41U L565-42U
570nm L570-01 L570-04 L570-05 L565-06U L570-09 L570-33 L570-36 L570-41 L570-42

Visible Light LED - Yellow LED

590nm L590-01 L590-02 L590-05 L590-09 L590-33 L590-36 L590-41 L590-42
600nm L600-03 L600-04 L600-05 L600-06 L600-09 L600-33 L600-36 L600-41 L600-42

Visible Light LED - Orange LED

610nm L610-01 L610-02 L610-03 L610-05 L610-06 L610-09 L610-33 L610-41 L610-42
625nm L625-01 L625-02 L625-03 L625-04 L625-05 L625-06 L625-09 L625-33 L625-36L625-41 L625-42

Visible Light LED - Red LED

630nm L630-01 L630-02 L630-06 L630-09 L630-33 L630-36 L630-41
645nm L645-03 L645-05 L645-06 L645-09 L645-33 L645-36 L645-41 L645-41+-5nm L645-42
660nm L660N-01 L660N-02 L660N-03 L660N-04 L660N-05 L660N-06 L660N-33 L660N-36 L660N-33-2C

Infraled LED - GaAs/AlGaAs

670nm L670-03V L670-04V L670-06V L670-33V L670-36V L670-41V L670-42V
680nm L680-02AU L680-04AU L680-05AU L680-06AU L680-09AU L680-33AU L680-36AU L680-41AU
700nm L700-01AU L700-02AU L700-04AU L700-05AU L700-06AU L700-09AU L700-33AU
L700-36AU L700-41AU L700-42AU
720nm L720-03AU L720-04AU L720-05AU L720-06AU L720-09AU L720-33AU L720-36AU L720-41AU L720-42AU
730nm L730-04AU
735nm L735-01AU L735-03AU L735-04AU L735-05AU L735-06AU L735-09AU L735-33AU L735-36AU L735-41AU
740nm L740-01AU L740-02AU L740-03AU L740-04AU L740-05AU L740-06AU L740-09AU L740-33AU L740-36AU
L740-41AU L740-42AU
750nm L750-01AU L750-02AU L750-03AU L750-04AU L750-05AU L750-06AU L750-09AU L750-33AU L750-36AU
L750-41AU L750-42AU
760nm L760-01AU L760-03AU L760-09AU L760-33AU L760-36AU L760-42AU
770nm L770-31-2C L770-34-2C L770-01AU L770-03AU L770-04AU L770-05AU L770-06AU L770-09AU L770-33AU
L770-36AU L770-41AU L770-42AU
780nm L780-01AU L780-03AU L780-04AU L780-05AU L780-06AU L780-09AU L780-33AU L780-09AU-S L780-41AU
800nm L800-06-55 L800-01AU L800-02AU L800-03AU L800-04AU L800-05AU L800-06AU L800-09AU L800-33AU
L800-36AU L800-41AU L800-42AU
805nm L805-01AU L805-02AU L805-04AU
810nm L810-01AU L810-02AU L810-03AU L810-04AU L810-05AU L810-06AU L810-09AU L810-33AUL810-36AU
L810-41AU L810-42AU
820nm L820-01AU L820-03AU L820-04AU L820-05AU L820-06AU L820-09AU L820-33AU L820-36AU L820-41AU
830nm L830-31-2CL830-01AU L830-02AU L830-05AU L830-06AU L830-09AU L830-33AUL830-36AUL830-41AU
L830-42AU L830-01UP L830-02UP L830-03UP L830-04UP L830-05UPL830-06UP L830-09UP
L830N-04E-35L830N-03CU L830N-04CU
840nm L840-01AU L840-02AU L840-03AU L840-04AU L840-05AU L840-06AU L840-09AU L840-33AU L840-36AU
L840-41AU L840-42AU
850nm L850-06-2C L850-06LH L850-09LH L850-01UP L850-02UP L850-03UP L850-04UP L850-05UP L850-051UP
L850-06UP L850-09UP L850-33UP L850-36UP L850-42UP L850F-01U L850F-02U L850F-03U L850F-04U
L850F-05U L850F-06U L850F-09U L850F-33U L850F-06-45 L850F-06-50 L850F-01-55 L850F-03-55 L850F-06-55
L850D-01 L850D-02 L850D-03 L850D-04 L850D-05 L850D-06 L850D-09 L850D-33 L850D-34
L850D-36 L850D-022-2C L850D-01-50 L850D-02-50 L850D-04-50 L850D-05-50 L850D-06-50 L850D-09-50 L850-03CU
L850-04L6CU L850F-06-45CU L850F-06-55CU L850D-04L6CU L850D-03-50CU L850D-04-50L6CU L850D-06-50L6CU
870nm L870-04-35 L870-01UP L870-02UP L870-03UP L870-04UP L870-05UP L870-06UP L870-09UP L870-41UP
L870-42UP L870F-01U L870F-04U L870F-05U L870F-09U L870F-33U L870F-36U L870F-02-45 L870F-04-45
L870F-05-45 L870F-06-45 L870F-04-50 L870F-06-50 L870F-03-55 L870F-04-55 L870F-06-55CU
880nm L880-02AU L880-03AU L880-04AU L880-05AU L880-09AU L880-33AU L880-36AU L880-41AU L880-05-55-2D
890nm L890-01AU L890-02AU L890-03AU L890-04AU L890-05AU L890-06AU L890-09AU L890-33AU L890-36AU
910nm L910-01 L910-04 L910-05 L910-06 L910-09 L910-36 L910-41 L910-42 L910D-01
L910D-02 L910D-03 L910D-04 L910D-06 L910D-33 L910D-36
940nm L940-01AU L940-02AU L940-03AU L940-05AU L940-06AU L940-09AU L940-31-2C L940-33AU L940-36AU
L940-41AU L940-42AU L940-01V L940-02V L940-04V L940-06V L940-09V L940-33V L940-36V
L940-41V L940-42V L940-01T L940-02L6CU L940-04CU L940D-02 L940D-03 L940D-04 L940D-06
L940D-33 L940D-34
950nm L950D-02
970nm L970-02 L970-03 L970-05 L970-06 L970-09 L970-33 L970-36 L970-41
L970-42 L970D-02 L970D-03 L970D-04 L970D-05 L970D-06 L970D-33 L970D-34
980nm L980-03 L980-05 L980-33
1050nm L1050G-02 L1050G-03 L1050G-04 L1050G-33 L1050G-36

Visible Light LED - InP

1050nm L1050-01 L1050-02 L1050-03 L1050-04 L1050-05 L1050-09 L1050-33 L1050-36 L1050-41 L1050-42
1070nm L1070-01 L1070-02 L1070-03 L1070-04 L1070-05 L1070-09 L1070-36 L1070-41 L1070-42
1200nm L1200-01 L1200-02 L1200-03 L1200-04 L1200-05 L1200-06 L1200-09 L1200-33 L1200-36 L1200-41 >L1200-42
1300nm L1300-01 L1300-02 L1300-03 L1300-05 L1300-06 L1300-09 L1300-33 L1300-36 L1300-41 L1300-42
1450nm L1450-01 L1450-02 L1450-03 L1450-05 L1450-09 L1450-33 L1450-36 L1450-41 L1450-42
1550nm L1550-01 L1550-02 L1550-03 L1550-04 L1550-05L1550-06 L1550-09 L1550-33 L1550-36 L1550-41 L1550-42

Bi-color LED(two chip wavelength molded LED)

430nm, 565nm L430/565-04A
505nm, 630nm L505/630-02
565nm, 660nm L565/660-04A
635nm, 760nm L635/760-04A
660nm, 850nm L660/850-04A
660nm, 910nm L660/910-04A
660nm, 940nm L660/940-04A
680nm, 720nm L680/720-03A
750nm, 850nm L750/850-04A
760nm, 810nm L760/810-04A
760nm, 840nm L760/840-05A
760nm, 940nm L760/940-04A

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3.5” SBC with Intel
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